Grounding Bedsheet

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When you sleep on a grounded bedsheet, the Earth's electrons are transferred to your body via the grounding cable in your wall. This can provide you with the soothing and restorative benefits of grounding while you sleep peacefully through the night.

Connecting with the Earth's natural energy through grounding is a beneficial recovery technique that can be practiced by people of all ages, ranging from infants to seniors. By doing so, we can re-establish our connection with nature and benefit from the Earth's healing touch, which we often overlook in our busy lives.


- Blood Circulation
- Anxiety & Relief Stress
- Enhanced Sleep
- Improve Metabolism
- Boost Your Immune System & many more.

Product information:
Materials: cloth
Color: European standard plug, American standard plug, British standard plug
Specifications: 90 * 230cm, 152 * 203cm, 193.04 * 203.2cm, baby sheet 68 * 132cm
Fabric: silver fiber
Product efficacy: grounding gas conductive physiotherapy bed sheet

Packing list:
Bed sheets * 1pcs